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Welcome To The Collective

Bastian Peter The Collective 5 Comments

We are very proud to announce that the swissstreetcollective has grown. Besides the new members, which we will introduce to you in a moment, we also worked on a new website during the last weeks, or even months.

The change from Wix to WordPress, gives us the opportunity to perform and divide work better and more efficiently. It also fixed some bugs and gives us much more possibilities to customize the website for potential and upcoming projects in the future.

I would like to thank Daniel Sigg on behalf of all of us, who reworked my version of the swissstreetcollective website from last year and made it more stable and professional via WordPress for the years to come.

Here are the names and photos of the new members. We are very proud to have you with us and look forward to working with you. Welcome to the collective:

Marianne Burri
Carlos Leal
Raphaela Graf
Ulka Chauhan
Kristina Meier
Jay Burton
Pati Grabowicz
Sascha Zeitz
Erhard Buntschu
Daniel Deplazes
Daniel Bade

On behalf of all the founding members I would like to welcome you.

Those who were not asked this time, but are interested and are serious about street photography, we invite you to join our website community and in general to stick around.
Someday it might be time again to see who wants to join us.

We are happy about every contact and all kinds of input from our own members but also from outside.

I wish you all a good start in our community.

Bastian Peter, swissstreetcollective 04.2021, Schweiz


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    1. Thanks to you guys for all the effort you put into creating the new websites and inviting new members! I‘m very happy to be a part of the swissstreetcollective!

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