Pati Grabowicz 

As an obsessive witness of the moment, I spend most of my life between flashlight and reality. I studied visual communication in Basel, my main focus is photography.

With my bachelor thesis in 2018 I got to know and love the field of street photography. Thereafter, the camera becomes my constant companion in the urban space.

This passion has borne fruit one year later. I was invited to participate as one of the four finalists of the Ricoh GR-Challenge in Hamburg 2019. After a really exciting 4–hour StreetWalk through the streets of Hamburg, I won with a lot of delight the first place and thus also my beloved Ricoh GR3 and the first street photographer friends that I no longer want to miss.

Above all, the discovery of human society has awakened my fascination for street photography. On the hunt for the everyday I experience moments of absurdity all over the world.

Photography is my tool, light is my drawing instrument and people are my favorite motive to make the world more comprehensible for me.