I found my passion on the streets ....

I was a compliance officer in the pharmaceutical industry for many years until 2018 when I started doing street photography for my Instagram account, photographing passers-by. I struck up a conversation with them and they wanted to learn more about social media. I furthered my education in digital marketing and film and shortly after was able to host my first social media workshops and serve my first clients. 

In the meantime I founded a company and work out strategies with artists in my workshops how they can better position themselves and their art on the market and on social media. I also make shorter documentaries for artists.

I never leave my apartment without my Fujifilm X100V.

I call my street photography style Blur Motion. I like the style. Maybe also because I was a compliance officer; I want to get close to people and still keep their personal rights (the right to their own image).

Onwards ...