Just don't grow weary,
rather to the miracle
as if to a little bird-
hold out your palm.

For me, in this little poem, Hilde Domin (1909 - 2006) described experiences that inspire me in street photography. I walk through the street and look for a special moment. But it’s all boring and dreary. Then I think of ‚not getting tired’ and at some point a special situation arises, a small miracle from everyday life is in front of me. Most of the time I miss it because I am too late, because it is too far away, because the bird has flown away even before I have pulled the trigger or because I am inattentive. But sometimes there is a picture that pleases me. I know which pictures work, but also which ones get boring over time, so I wait until I can take a picture that makes me happy, that speaks to something in me, a little miracle for me.