A Conversation with Ivan Margot

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Ivan, it’s so great to be able to interview you here.  You are a Swiss photographer from Lausanne, currently based in Barcelona where you work as a freelance graphic designer for several advertising agencies. You have a very distinct visual …

Ein Gespräch mit Reiner Girsch

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Reiner Girsch ist ein Street Fotograf und Mechaniker bei Ford. Ausserdem ist er bekannt als Mitgründer von „Soul of Street“ – ein deutsches Street Photography Magazin und Gründungsmitglied des Kollektives Off Perspective, ein deutsches Street Kollektiv. Reiner, vielen Dank, dass …

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A Conversation with Jay Burton

Daniel SiggInterviews, The Collective 2 Comments

You are an experienced photographer, and have been photographing beautiful abstracts, nature/wildlife and urban scenes. You are also a professional photographer in a marketing agency. How did you move from that to becoming a street photographer? That question is spot …