Carlos LEAl 

After being the singer of rap band “Sens Unik” (9 albums, 5 Gold records), Carlos Leal started an acting career in 2000 in Paris. Since, he has received 4 best actor awards, among which he was Berlinale “Shooting Star” and best Swiss actor. He has developed an international acting career, working in more than 100 productions and with directors like Pedro Almodovar, Roland Joffé, Emilio Estevez or in blockbusters like "Casino Royale". 

The photography has always been present in Carlos's life and while traveling, he loved to get street life impressions. The best way to immortalize memories. But he seriously started to build his portfolio during the first Covid lockdown in 2020. Get out of the house and hunt for a nice shot gave hime a new sense of Life. An artist since he was 18, a new comer in the photography world. Carlos lives currently in Los Angeles.