Bastian Peter is a street photographer working and living in Basel, Switzerland. Growing up within his family`s mask making atelier in Basel, an early curiosity developed surrounding what lies beneath any facade.

Storytelling in many forms, especially photography and cinema fueled a passion for narrative and point of view. Without professional background, in spring 2019 he picked up a camera and started walking the streets, on the lookout for interesting sceneries. Not really aware that he was doing street photography, after posting some of his photos on social media, a new world opened itself. Since then, with a growing interest and an evolving eye, it felt natural for Bastian to explore his city. Testing several different focal lenghts, Bastian is mostly drawn to 50mm.

Self taught his work has been evolving into the use of color and light as a vehicle for emotion and storytelling. 

In the beginning of 2020 he decided, together with a few like-minded people, to found the first street photography collective in Switzerland. The goal was and is to establish street photography as an art form and to promote its protagonists.